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Dracula Teddy Bear Bats Halloween Children Cute Handmade Greeting Card Art Card


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Dracula Edwin at Halloween Magnolia Bats Cute Child Handmade Greeting Card


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Daisy Girl Framed with Flowers in Her Hair Handmade OOAK Mixed Media Greeting Art Big Eyed Art Card


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Edamame Sprite OOAK Fantasy Handmade Greeting Art Card


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Love, Love, Love Tilda Handmade OOAK Valentine’s Day Greeting Art Card


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Ready for the Holidays Christmas Winter Big Eye Art Vintage Antique Handmade Greeting Art Card


AJ's Designs

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”—Pablo Picasso

Welcome to my shop "AJ's Desigsns," and Zibbet! The talented artisans that Zibbet has attracted will keep you in one spot for a while. Get a refreshment, come as you are, sit down, and have a browse.

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